Awakening: The Story  Of A Dancer Thursday June 17th and Friday June 18th 2010

Awakening: The Story Of a Dancer

For Immediate Release ( January)
Toronto - ON , The journey of no two dancers is the same and therein lies the graphic, uncompromising story of one such dancer. Awakening: The Story of a Dancer is an urban musical dance theatre production based on the transformational journey of a dancer. A dubious love affair is told in the language of dance highlighting the importance of sisterhood, culture and community. A little girl dreams to be  a successful dancer and learns that the hardest journey is not upward, but inward. Artistic maturity eventually comes arousing a spirit of energy, legacy, and connection. Awakening premiers on Thursday June 17th 2010 at 8pm and runs until Friday June 18th 2010 at the Toronto Centre for the Arts 5040 Yonge Street Toronto Ont. M2N 6R8.

About the show:
Awakening is reflective of human angst, dedication and ultimate triumph. Born out of a true story, Awakening is a story of perseverance and the power to aspire to one's dreams. Live musical and spoken word accompaniment intricately weaves a together a diverse world of dance styles rooted in an Afrocentric aesthetic. The story makes a statement about retrieving the personal strength in our fears and innate power of music and dance to fortify our weaknesses.

About the Company:
Caribbean Dance Theatre (CDT) is a 14 year dance and drum performance company specializing in contemporary Caribbean Dance. Committed to artistic integrity and professionalism, the company exists to showcase the beauty and splendor of Afro Caribbean Dance culture while promoting and exploring different forms of dance expression. We are proud to offer a unique aesthetic based on African, Caribbean, and Canadian culture. CDT defies boundaries blending global influences and aesthetics to refine a dance style that honours, inspires and connects.

Are you a school or youth program?
Awakening will host daytime Educational Outreach school performances on Thursday and a special Friday Benefit performance Show.

Sponsors Needed:
Are you interested in sponsorship opportunities? If you are contact us. We are currently refining our packages and would love to have you onboard!!!

Keep visiting this page for more information about the show.
Contact Artistic Director Tamla Matthews by phone 647 284-9136 or email or FB Tamla Matthews or Caribbean Dance Theatre if you want to know more.

Early Bird Tickets now available for $25!!! Call Ticketmaster or go to Box Office at Toronto Centre for the Arts.




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